Belt Drive Ebike Buyer’s Guide With Tips

The increased popularity of belt drive ebike with carbon belts offers minimal assistance compared to standard chain drives. Meaning there is a conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy by ebike motors. Because of this, there is a tremendous increase in the number of belt drive ebikes that many people started to acquire. They are an alternative or rather upgraded version of drivetrains.

Belt drives use carbon rubber to transmit the required power in the rear wheel. This modernized technology replaces greasy metal chains and offers smoother performance. While not compatible with all bikes, models that support it tend to be pricier. Meanwhile, if you’re a cycling aficionado running a Twitch channel, you’re welcome to expand your audience by sharing your biking adventures and insights, perhaps with the help of services like StreamOz.

There is higher accessibility to belt drive ebikes right now than ever before. That requires understanding various pros and cons of the model you want to purchase to help you make the right decision. Overall, it’s worth considering buying the model with a belt drive when thinking of purchasing an electric bike and here’s why.

Classifications Of Ebikes

  • Class 1

Ebikes that belong in this group operate with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. They perform via pedal assist, which replaces the need for a throttle. Mainly known as Pedelec, they operate like regular bicycles with small motors helping in pedaling. 

  • Class 2

There is the replacement of the pedals with throttles with a maximum speed of 20mph. It requires activation of the throttle feature with the twisting of the button. There are different country restrictions on such ebikes operations.

  • Class 3

Have pedals but no throttle with a maximum speed of 28miles per hour. Often called speed pedelecs and not treated like bike trails. 

How To Choose The Best Belt Drive Ebike

Are you thinking of purchasing an ebike? First of all, seek out the one with a belt drive function. Belts perform a crucial role in power transmission, which lowers the use of phase shift. The models with a belt drive have flexible materials designed for enhancing mechanical connections in parallels. Understanding the type of section and overall belt dimensions is critical for the correct item model selection and makes the finalizing the buying decision easier.

Type Of belt

Different belt drives operate differently. There are five main types of belts (open, close, fast with a loose cone pulley, stepped and jokey cone pulley). The first two types (open and close) differ from each other in a way that in the first case shafts operate in the same direction. While in the case of the latter they operate in the opposition. Because of this, the first option is faster than the second.

Open VS Close

One thing to consider here is that more distance there is between shafts and driver’s pulley the upper and lower sides will be fixedly different too. Upper side is the slack side while the lower side is the tight one. This is the peculiarity with the open belt drive. Close one will have no such distance so the tearing and wearing off the shafts happens much faster. And if you want to prevent this you have to put the distance between them which will automatically reduce the speed of the vehicle.

Fast VS Stepped VS Jokey

Fast cone pulley actually means there’s a fast and loose pulleys in one place. Quite simply the fast one is on a shaft connected with a key joint while the loose one, as the name suggests runs free. Because of this the latter cannot transmit any energy.

With the speed one there are more than one pulleys joint together. Each of them have their own diameter. They are common in the models that require frequent speed change when it comes to a driver shaft. The trick here is that the dimensions are arranged in a way that will guarantee operation of the one belt when shifting to one pulley to the other.

Finally, the jokey one comes in handy when you want to increase the contraction between the angles of the belt. This one is also called an idle pulley and its usual placement is either on a smaller or slacker side of the pulley.

As for the belts itself it can be summed up in four main types: flat, V, circular and timing.

Flat belts aid in easier mechanical force transmission from one point to another. There is optimal efficiency enhanced with loads suitability. One thing about all belt drives is that there will be a very quiet operation with larger distancing centers. They are highly suited for high-power provisions at high speeds.

V belts are the most suitable when moderate speed but high power is required. One amazing thing about this one is that you can use multiple drives.

As for the circular ones, because there is a more than five meter distance between shafts, this ones are used in the extreme high power transmission. This ones have the least amount of vibration and reduced noise.

Finally, the timing belts are extremely detailed and used in a positive drive. They are mostly used within the system itself. Obviously, for power transmission purposes, just like all the other types.

The information relating to the belt drive is essential in selecting belt drive ebike you want to buy.  

Advantages Of A Belt Drive Ebike

There are many advantages when it comes to using a belt drive model of an ebike. Let’s looking into some of them in more details.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Belt drives require minimal maintenance with no frequent cleaning and oiling. Unlike other chains that require high maintenance when operating in different terrains, these belt drives are different. One can easily knock the dried wads out while riding in mud which saves the need to clean it. Their lack of moving parts lowers the higher maintenance requirements. It’s also possible to ignore its enormous maintenance sins. It’s not a high necessity.

Internal Geared Hub

Belt drives cats as an internally geared hub, which helps adjust derailleur and gears. Ebikes do not use standard derailleur, but the belt drive performs similar functions. It helps in having excellent corners essential in overall ebike performance hitch reduces stress.

Long-Lasting And Durable

Good belt drives last for more extended periods even when not properly maintained. Some last for fifty thousand miles which is hard to find in the traditional ones. It gives the advantage of using such belt drives with the bikes for quite a long time without replacing them more often. Unavailability of moving parts amounts to little or no maintenance which enhances lasting longer. 

Very Clean

You are not likely to get a grease mark while riding with the ebike. Belt drives save one from this mess since they are cleaner, making them the best selection for commuters. It makes them a great option to enhance a smooth ride. The lack of lubrication due to their inability to rust leads to not getting grease on clothes.

Quiet and Smooth

E-bike riders are often required to enjoy the quiet and calm nature. Belt drive ebikes are much soft and smooth while used, which results in only the whirs motor in the wind. Such an advantage gives the best riding experience, which increases one need to buy them.

Staying on the Bike

It’s possible to experience high chances of chains falling off. Belts fit correctly on the ebikes lowering their falling-off chances. It means no luck of stopping on the roadside to put back the chain. It, therefore, gives adequate experience while saving on cycling time with minimal stress.


Compared to chains, belts are relatively lither. They weigh down fewer amounts which lower the need to carry lubes on long trips. They also make the bike lighter, which makes the riding a bit more comfortable and enjoyable. Good for beginner drivers as well.

Simple to Use

Belt drives are easier to mount on the ebikes, making them ideal for any ebike use. Their non-requirement of parallel shaft reduces the high need to have stressful installations down the line.

More Economical

Belt drives are the best option for a more considerable distance between the shafts. They are economized to enhance adequate and accurate power transmission to the ebike motors to enhance its operations.

Some More Benefits Include:

  • Electric bike belt drives come with machine service that is critical to enhancing increased service. There serve often increased load fluctuations which such belts quickly absorb, thereby facilitating more extended machine service.
  • It is easier to make last adjustments to the belt drives due to the available clutch action, which is enhanced by releasing the belt tension. 
  • There is no lubricant required, which aids in enhancing proper ebike functioning. 

Functions of A Belt Drive Ebike

  • Automotive Replacement

Belt drive ebike replaces the chain with an automotive timing belt to increase overall riding speed. Their increased lifespan makes them ideal for such use. With the advantage of not having to spend a fortune on frequent maintenance costs.

  • Enhancing Drive Cleaning

Belt drives maintain the ebike parts clean with no greasing required. It saves one from getting dirty while cycling around. There is again, the reduced maintenance. Saves both time and money of the ebike owner.

Disadvantages Of A Belt Drive Ebike

Now that we have gone over the many benefits such ebikes can have, let’s briefly discuss some of the disadvantages too.

Limited Custom Modifications

Such belt drives come with reduced options for required components. Unlike chain drivetrains which come with various options, there is a limitation with belt drives. The systems are highly prioritized, making it hard to obtain a wide range of options.

Frame Compatibility

One can easily break the chain middle to feed the frame differently with belt drives ebikes. It requires a bolted connection or similar chain design to help lift the belt to feed through the frame.

Less Efficient

Belt drives on ebikes are often technically less efficient at standard or low power outputs. It requires adding more pedal force, unlike the chains. There could potentially be an issue with the speed for some people. This also depends on the type of belt drive your ebike comes with. Some are simply not fit for a high speed and many break down or fall apart easily after a few uses. So it’s absolutely necessary to be aware of the different types before making a purchase.

Highly Expensive

Belt drives are costly compared to chain drives. There is also a gearbox requirement that is stressful to the rider when it gets worn out. It costs extra amounts of cash while trying to replace it.

Harder in Replacements

Belt drives are harder to replace in general. Especially when a break down happens while on the road. It is not easy to replace it since they require taking apart the whole frame. It’s therefore stressful while breaking in rural areas where replacement is hard to get.

Some Of The Best Belt Drive Ebike Picks

Now that we know more about the pros and cons of purchasing an ebike, it’s time to review the top picks. Here are the top ten choices selected according to their capabilities and popularity among ebike users.

Kalkhoff Image 3.B Move 500Wh Bosch City Belt Drive Ebike

It is characterized by single speed style. This model has an integrated battery responsible for passing the standard bike located within the frame. It uses a CDX belt drive system with approximately 100km within a single charge. An available 140km range with 500Wh is best suited for increased power assurance and charging frequency. Continuous variable transmission is delivered, which lowers commuters’ stress while riding. There is also a developed integrated hub facilitating more effortless shifting while standing.


  • The overall weight of 28kgs
  • Alloy platform pedals
  • Removable battery for more effortless charging with 70-140km capacity range
  • Enviolo CT N310  rear hub
  • Vinyl lock-on grips


  • Easily passage for a standard bike
  • Best appealing to many ebike bases
  • Increased power supply due to infrequency charging
  • There is continuously variable transmission helpful imperfect transmission for computers
  • Highly compatible with the aluminum-made battery


  • Highly expensive
  • Prone to overheating
  • Has limited sizing options
  • The battery life is lower than its competition
  • There are harsh riding tires with vinyl grips

Cowboy 3 EBike

Such a  light electric belt drive is highly profitable, stylish and suitable for a wide range of common commuters. Perfect if you just want to go to and get back from work on time without having any issues. 


  • 250w rear hub motor
  • Gates carbon belt drive for delivering battery power when needed.
  • Power delivery adjustment with pedals


  • Simple use with the smartphone  app
  • High quality and improved biking performance


  • Battery removal for charging band seat height adjustments
  • Large size only available
  • Highly over geared
  • Minimal tidy styling
  • Unavailable drive controls and gear levers

Kalkhoff Endeavour

Such belt bikes share similar features to giant daily tours, although they are among the oldest models. 


  • Shimano hydraulic disk brake
  • Double eyelets Rode TRYP35
  • Aluminum comfort


  • Shimano hydraulic brakes for excellent performance
  • Available in different sizes and frame types
  • Highly affordable 


  • Low riding range
  • Considerably heavier

Trek Allant Stagger Bike

It’s an electric bike bet suited for riders and commuters willing to take fast and stylish rides. 


  • Bosch power tube 625 battery
  • Bontrager Satellite pedal am alloyed lock-on grips. 
  • Shimano alivio drivetrain
  • Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • 23.6kg total weight
  • Spanning Axendo speed for rear light


  • It somehow similar to Lekker Amsterdam Gt with a comfortable and stable ride
  • High-performance hydroformed aluminum frame
  • Increased packing with the integrated front and rear systems
  • It has several hydraulic disk brakes, which aid in all weather conditions cycling.
  • It achieves an excellent unisex frame with an aluminum composition and is lightweight.


  • Requires high-quality consumable parts

DJ Fat Bike Power Electric Bicycle

Such electric bike has belt drives in place, although they differ from other ebikes due to the development of their powering system. They use carbon belt drives with matching batteries and motors. Includes unrivaled carbon belts requiring a perfect match with the present battery and motors. There is reduced electric support with lower Torques than others.


  • Ride control EVO display
  • Voltage capacity of 750 watts per hour which can be extended to 1000w


  • Reduced sweat due to electric motor powering
  • Relatively faster with maximum speed coverage of 25-36 miles per hour
  • Are quiet, which gives the enjoyable ride
  • Minimal maintenance is required with reduced costs


  • Long charge time required 
  • Relatively expensive
  • Complex parts requiring maintenance

i:SY Drive N3.8 ZR with Timing Belt Drive and Stepless Gears

Such ebikes function perfectly with the belt drive without requiring other adjustments.


  • Strapless transmission
  • Powerful line motor
  • Fame integration with a battery equipped with racks, kickstand, and mudguards
  • Gates carbon drive belts


  • It’s highly designed with plentiful features excellent craftsmanship
  • It’s a best all-round ebike
  • High power performance Aluminum frame for lowering the weight
  • Hydraulic brakes for enhancing overall safety


  • It’s relatively expensive compared to other belt drives ranging around 4500$

Schwinn Coston Adult Electric Hybrid Bike,

It’s a heavy-duty electric hybrid bike designed for suiting any riding situation. There is an extra-large battery capacity with the supercharger with an average of 360watta per hour. 


  • Heavy-duty tires and heels
  • High-quality component
  • Extra ride comfort 


  • Superb battery life enhancing battery charging with superior performance 
  • High-speed internal transmission system allowing riders to make multiple gear changes
  • Suitable for extra luggage carriage
  • Suitable for long-distance riders 


  • Relatively expensive
  • Size is small to medium which can be a problem for some
  • Tough belt drive in supercharger which helps in protecting it from damage

BELSIZE 16-Inch Belt-Drive Kid’s Bike

It’s a “fat” e-bike available in the market, which many riders opt to ride on. Its sleek appearance and designs do not determine its overall performance. Perfect for kids or beginners.


  • Belt driven using a rubber belt
  • Tektro hand brakes
  • Gates carbon belt drive
  • Kenda 16 inch tires


  • Efficient belt drives require minimal maintenance.
  • Highly versatile and rugged e-bikes
  • Fast speed and highly powerful e-bike
  • Rough riding with reduced worries on bike repairs since it’s easier
  • Simple and more accessible carbon belt drive to maintain


  • Highly expensive

Stromer ST2

It’s a highly equipped, modern electric bike that is effective and efficient to use. It comes with new and unique features difficult to find in other e-bikes. 


  • Gates carbon belt drive
  • Wireless connectivity


  • High digital connectivity amounting to excellent performance
  • Increased rider’s control over the bikes
  • Ability to adjust motor settings 
  • Simple to use
  • Ability to choose the best with required exact features
  • Great pedal assistance with rear hub-mounted help


  • Reduced number of gears, which requires getting used to it
  • Battery popping out due to lack of cabling integration

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 

These electric bikes are gaining high popularity due to their improved quality and unique features. It’s designed for commuting, unlike other models performing as the mighty ones.


  • Modern features like lockdown mode and theft protection
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • 350 watts battery riding bat ninety miles range


  • Highly comfortable for riding, especially in long distances
  • Highly protective gear in case of theft by the ebike shutting down
  • Extra support provided
  • Relatively cheaper
  • It’s easier to switch on overall motor settings to adjust one’s preference
  • Relatively fast with increased versatility


  • Lacks adequate matrix displays 


Ebikes require energy transmission which happens differently according to what type of a vehicle it is. Belt drive is one such thing. The required tasks for accomplishment are the governing factor when selecting the suitable belt drive. When it comes to such models various technologies come together to power the ebikes. Such include belt, chain, and drive technology. All these have different types with their pros and cons. Being aware of the specificities is a must if you are set on purchasing such an ebike model.

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