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Most of the recent bicycles in the market come without bike kickstand mainly because most riders find it to be a nuisance and unnecessary weight. However ,what most of them don’t understand is that kickstands come in very handy in certain situations. Especially when you are going touring with your bike or in situations where you have a luggage on your bike and need to park it.

In both of these situations, leaving the bike on the side of the road can be quite risky as it may tip over and end up getting destroyed. Kickstands are very durable thus once you get them you can simply forget about replacing them for a while. Count it as a onetime profitable investment because using a bike kickstand comes with a number of benefits. First of these benefits being that when you possess a kickstand, you will not have to keep looking for a wall or fence for you to lean your bike against when parking. Consequently, you should consider getting this accessory for your bike.

Kickstands have kept evolving over the years to fit the needs of the current biker and different bike styles.


A traditional kickstand was nonadjustable, center mounted, single legged and spring loaded. Being nonadjustable is one of the main reasons why bikers shied away from them in the first place. This is because you will have to get a new one every single time you change your bike which is very undesirable. Most of the new ones in the market are adjustable meaning that they can fit a high variety of bikes present in the market. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting a new one each time.

Recent kickstands can either be installed at the center or at the rear end of your bike. So you will have to choose one that fits the needs of your bike. Traditionally kickstands were highly undesirable as they would mostly end up destroying delicate floors. In this regard, recent designs come with rubber feet thus you don’t have to worry about harming anyone’s floors. In addition to this, the rubber feet will ensure that your bike doesn’t slide and fall in case you stop at a sloppy or wet floor. 

Kickstands now come in as either single or double legged.

Therefore, you can choose one that you fancy. Although double legged kickstands are more stable, they are harder to come across. Last but not least, kickstands that are able to be adjusted without tools are more preferable because one doesn’t always have these tools at hand when they need to do the adjusting. One thing that you should put into consideration when purchasing a kickstand is that if it is to be attached to the frame of your bike then ensure that the clamp of the kickstand fits the diameter of the bike frame.

A good kickstand should be very sturdy this is because you don’t want something breaking on you when you most need it. Secondly, it should be adjustable because one may keep changing their bikes but you don’t need to keep changing your kickstand too. Considering that it may not be very necessary.


Spring Loaded Kickstand

In this same line, you would want to get a spring loaded kickstand, this is because it

will ensure that you won’t have to handle the kickstand with your bare hands. Especially when you’re dealing with a muddy kickstand. Although a kickstand that is spring loaded can be considerably higher priced than other ones in the market, you would be very thankful if you invested in one of these as this feature comes in very handy.

There are very many kickstands present in the market now and this can be quite hectic when one is trying to purchase a good one but doesn’t understand the market yet. Therefore, herein is a list of the best bike kickstands present in the market so as to make it easy for you to make a good choice. This list includes bike kickstands from the most expensive ones to the most affordable thus will come in handy for all buyers.

Totonia Adult Bike Kickstand for 24 – 29 ‘’ inch Mountain Bike 700 c Road Bike

First and foremost, this bike kickstand is very stylish .Therefore, if you are concerned about the kickstand making your bike look outdated then this is the best choice for you in the market. It fits a variety of bike frames because of its flexible features thus very worthy of the price it goes for. The Totonia bike kickstand is streamlined to ensure that there is zero wind resistance as you ride. One can be sure that there will be no noise produced by the kickstand because of the wind.

Not to mention that the streamlined design is what makes the kickstand very attractive. In order for the kickstand to offer more stability the design includes two points of support so as to distribute the force placed on it by the bike. This feature improves the stability of the kickstand by approximately thirty percent which is very impressive.

Additionally, this kickstand is made of aluminum which makes it very durable. Also it is made into a one piece meaning that it is stiffer than an average kickstand. The rubber mat that comes with the kickstand protects the paint from being scratched off therefore slower wear and tear.


  • Brand: Totonia
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 14 oz.


  • Easy installation
  • Can be used on an e bike
  • Zero wiggle, very sturdy
  • Noiseless


  • Pads can be slippery and inadequate

Zosen Adjustable Bike Side Support Kickstand for 22 24 26 Inch Mountain Bike 


This is one of the single legged bike kickstands out there that will make you question why you don’t own one yet. The most impressive feature about this bike kickstand is that the rubber foot of this kickstand comes with ridges too. This means that you can park your bike just about anywhere from sloppy grounds to wet pavements. This kickstand is more convenient for road bikes because of their little weight too.

This comes in handy for those individuals who worry about the kickstands weighing down their light weight bikes. The installation of this kickstand is also very easy therefore it can be done by both men and women. It is also very easily adjustable thus can be used on a variety of bikes and different riders.


  • Brand: ZOSEN
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Noiseless when being put up


  • Can’t be used on heavy bikes
  • Needs more material in order to feel more secure

N+1 Bike Kickstand – Rear Mount Adjustable Kickstand for 26 – 29 Inch

In case you are looking for a kickstand for your heavy bike then this the best pick for you as it can support up to 35 kg of weight despite it being single legged. It is very steady therefore will hold your bike securely at all times when it’s being parked. The anti-slip rubber foot on this kickstand is wide and oval shaped therefore there is zero chance of your bike falling and scratching itself when left parking.

The design of this kickstand allows very quick and swift adjusting of the length therefore very efficient. All that one requires to do is to press a button and your kickstand will adjust to your desired height. Pressing the key releases the lock and then you are able to get it to the height you want. Last but not least, this kickstand will last you a very long time because of its aluminum material. Aluminum is anti –rust and waterproof therefore is able to discourage wear and tear.


  • Brand: N + 1
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 363 grams


  • Takes short time and little effort to install
  • Stylish


  • May fold if anything heavier than 35 Kgs is placed on it

Sataway Center Mount Bike Kickstand Adjustable Bike Kick Stand

To start with, this kickstand is very light weight therefore will not weigh down your bike but still very sturdy to ensure that your bike stands and stays upright while it is parked. This is very impressive when compared to other double legged kickstands which can be a little more heavier.In addition to that, what makes this bike kickstand exceptional is the fact that the package comes with a double set of screw packets. This means that the process of putting the kickstand on the bike is simpler and much faster.

It is built to fit bikes between 24” and 29” which quite a range. It also guarantees zero slipping because it also has a non-slip rubber foot attached to it. The Sataway kickstand will last you a very long time because it is built with the aluminium material which is also anti rust. The foot of this kickstand can be adjusted fast to fit bikes of different sizes.


  • Brand: Sataway
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item weight:8.4 Ounces


  • Light weight
  • Doesn’t sink on soft ground
  • Sturdy
  • Installation is fast


  • Does not fit on all bikes

GORIX Bike Kickstand Side Road Mountain Bicycle Adjustable Portable 


This is probably the most stable bike kickstand that you might come across in the market right now. It will keep your bike in a well-balanced upright position when parked. Its very high level of stability makes it very efficient when used with a heavy bike. The next absolutely amazing fact about this kickstand is that it can be folded when being stored.

One doesn’t have to get rid of it while driving because when folded it gets completely out of the driving side of the bike. Your wheels and pedals won’t be interfered with, when this kickstand stays attached.

The length of the GORIX kickstand can be adjusted up to 5 cm meaning that it can be used on a variety of bikes. This can be done by simply pressing a red button that is on the foot of the kickstand and then moving it to the desired height. Its sturdy body made of steel can be trusted to hold your bike securely. Consequently, it can be used on both mountain and road bikes. In other words, this is one of the best double legged kickstands you can come across.


  • Brand: GORIX
  • Item weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Material: Steel


  • Well made
  • Durable
  • Soli steel, very sturdy


  • Not compatible with some bikes
  • A little tough to kick back when you want it out of the way

Velo Orange Copenhagen Dual Leg Kickstand for Bikes 

If you own a city bike and are in need of a kickstand then this is the best for you. It is made with an interesting design whereby both of its legs fold like a scissors away from the drive side of the bike .Therefore it assures that it stays away while you are driving.

This mechanism is very smooth and will make your life super easy as you will need support when you need it and when you don’t it is very easy to forget that the kickstand is part of your bike. Without stopping there, the length of this kickstand is also adjustable thus you can use it on most of your bikes.

One can use this kickstand whether your bike comes with a kickstand plate or not. On top of all that, this kickstand is very stable therefore your bike will not wiggle when you leave it to lean on the kickstand. Your bike is guaranteed to always stay supported regardless of the degree you have left it inclined. Many users have praised its stability, therefore you can trust it too.


  • Stays off the crank unlike most of the kickstands in the market.
  • Very stylish
  • Can be used on heavier bikes
  • Stands bike upright thus does not stand any chance of being damaged.


  • Quite heavy

Ventura Select Aluminum Center Mount Kickstand With Rubber Foot

This is one of the cheapest and reliable kickstand in the market right now. It is both very light weight and of good quality because it is made of aluminum which has a variety of benefits. Although it’s very down priced, this kickstand has left no room for slacking .It has a rubber leg thus you will also be able to park on all types of floors without worrying about your bike falling and getting scratched.

This kickstand is the perfect size because you have the choice of cutting it to the size that best fits your bike. First you are supposed to measure the distance between the place that your kickstand mounting plate is and the ground when the bike is placed in a slight angle. Then use that length to cut your kickstand with a hacksaw or any other tool that can be used for cutting. This will result to you having a kickstand that is best suited for your bike therefore you will not have to keep adjusting it.


  • Brand: Ventura
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 0.44 pounds


  • Light weight
  • Fits tightly 
  • Good value for the price


  • Needs to be cut to fit

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Bike Kickstand


Material used

Bicycle kickstands are either made in aluminum or steel. Those made with aluminum are more expensive when compared to those made with steel. This is because aluminum doesn’t corrode and is light weight when compared to steel. In this regard it can be left as is without getting painted. In addition to this, an aluminum kickstand can be used on light weight bikes because it will not weigh it down.

Also, it can be used on a heavy bike because it is sturdy enough. On the hand, steel kickstands are heavy therefore not fit for light bikes. It gets damaged easily because it could start rusting the moment that the paint comes off the metal. A steel kickstand that has been coated with nickel plating is more expensive than one that has been painted with regular paint.


Kickstands come in two designs i.e. single and double legged.

Single legged kickstands balance the bike at an angle so it seems like its leaning on the kickstand. These can either be mounted at the center of the bike or at the rear end or the chain stay area especially in cases where the bike carries most of its weight at its rear end.

  • The single legged kickstand is often loaded with springs so that it doesn’t tip to one side.
  • Secondly, this is widely available so you can find it almost around everywhere.
  • A single legged kickstand should not be used with high performance bikes. Because this will mean that all that weight will lean on one side therefore very easy to tip over and fall. 

On the other hand, double legged bike kickstands are the most convenient for heavier bikes.

  • They are more stable than single legged kickstands because they are able so split the force applied to them by the bike.
  • Double legged kickstands hold or support the bike in a manner in which it stays upright and this is very useful when doing an overall maintenance check on your bike.
  • They don’t lean towards one side of the bike but drop straight down to the ground. Therefore are very efficient for bikes that carry heavy cargo e.g. those used for touring and motorized bikes.
  • Consequently, you will find these on motorcycles rather than ride bikes.
  • Lastly, it is very easy to load a bike on a double legged kickstand because it will stay stable while you add on your cargo.                                   


It is important that the kickstand you purchase functions in a manner that it stays away from your drive side when you are riding. Most kickstands remain in an up position to ensure they stay out of your way. It can be challenging to determine how a particular kickstand operates. In this regard, one should seek advice from other users, perhaps online, before selecting one for their bike. If you’re passionate about cycling and offer guidance videos on YouTube regarding bike accessories, we recommend utilizing to disseminate insights to a broader audience.

Size of the kickstand

This can be interpreted differently in different bike kickstands. Some bike kickstand are manufactured according to the size of the bike wheel that they are compatible with. While others are sized according to the size of the frame that the kickstand fits perfectly on.

When it comes to those sized according to the frame, the kickstands may be attached in a number of places therefore the bike kickstand will give a range of sizes. Always ensure that you choose one that fits your bike perfectly regardless of where it may be attached to .There is absolutely no need to purchase something that will only make your life harder instead of simplifying it.

Kickstand foot

The main purpose of a bike kickstand is to ensure that that your bike stays stable when you’re parking it. Therefore, paying close attention to the foot of the kickstand you choose to buy is very important. The foot of a bike kickstand should be covered by rubber so as to increase its level of grip.

The level of grip of the kickstand foot is what determines how long the kickstand is going to hold before it slides. You don’t want something that you have to struggle with to keep standing instead of it stabilizing your bike. Another benefit of a rubber kickstand is that it will not make marks on delicate floors.

Lastly, a kickstand with no rubber foot will easily sink while on soft ground. Therefore make sure that your kickstand of choice is rubber legged to make your life easier.

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