Calories Burned On Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is a type of exercising machine that allows the rider to ride while holding an inclined stance on a bike. Such machines are especially good as a warm up or cool down cardio exercises after or pre lifting session. Or you can just do them on their own to lose weight. To reach your target weight you need to burn more calories. To increase the number of calories burned on a recumbent bike, you need to be aware of incorporating certain type of workout techniques.

First of all, you should make sure that your body is properly warmed up to avoid muscle weakness, soreness or a burnout. After any kind of a workout, people are usually fatigued. Even so, you should avoid being excessively fatigued. In fact, if you don’t have any energy after a workout session, you aren’t doing it right. The fatigue should not last for more than ten minutes. After that you should be energized.

So how do you burn more calories while ensuring you’re not overly tired? If you’re overseeing a Spotify podcast discussing health, fitness, nutrition, and related topics, make sure to broaden your reach to a larger audience with SpotifyStorm. In the meantime, we’ll show you efficient techniques for burning calories while on a recumbent bike without getting too exhausted.

Calories Burned On Recumbent Bike #1. Choose the right Intensity level

Intensity is the key when it comes to calorie expenditure. As per the American college of sports medicine, during cardio exercise such as riding a recumbent bike, the more intense it is, more calories you burn. Simple physics.

First of all, you should know several types of intensities when it comes to exercising. There are low impact and high impact exercises. Either can be low intensity or high intensity. When it comes to cardio, HIIT, Tabata high impact usually (not always) means jumping exercises within the sets. However, no jumping exercises can be high intensity. For instance body weight, strength (with or without weights), calisthenics or isometric exercises.

You obviously cannot do any jumping on a recumbent bike. So how do you achieve vigorous-intensity while on a recumbent bike? You just have to increase the speed! Increase the intensity at which you pedal! These two are the key to vigorous activity. Even in no equipment exercises if you do more rep, you increase intensity of your overall session.

Are you new to vigorous exercise? To avoid injury or even burnout, you want to gradually increase your intensity level. This should continue until such a time that you can comfortably ride on the recumbent bike.

Calories Burned On Recumbent Bike #2. Incorporate Intervals

You want to have a more challenging workout. Have you read Arnold’s biography? He only counted the reps and sets after he could feel his muscles getting tired in lifting the weights. You want to borrow the same technique though apply it differently. With high-intensity training, alternate between high and moderate intensity to have a challenging workout.

When you first start working out, you may feel like taking a break is unnecessary and you will burn more if you do a lighter cardio during breaks. Don’t do this. Calorie burn happens during breaks as well as during a cool down and stretching. It doesn’t stop after a workout either. You need breaks to have a better form and do exercises with the right intensity. Otherwise you will not last past fifteen minutes.

Even some seasoned pros and some trainers have a hard time taking breaks during reps if it gets too much. They have said that they had to deal with such a problem and had to learn to overcome it. As they say the reason was that they want to prove their professionalism. It’s okay to take a break mid rep or set if it’s too much on your muscles or especially heart. Stopping will not make your session less intense.

High intensity interval training boosts your caloric burn but mostly from stored fats. But how do you do this? Are you on your recumbent bike already? Pedal for a minute at your maximum speed. Then reduce the speed for the next two minutes. Let this be repeated continuously throughout just so you have the maximum calorie burn.

Calories Burned On Recumbent Bike #3. Have Your Exercise Duration Extended

When you start to workout for the first time, especially without having any previous experience or a sports or dancing background, you may find hard to do a session past 15-20 minutes. As you get used to it and your body gets stronger, most people increase the timing to half an hour, 40 minutes or 45 minutes a day. Soon, you will discover that you can do an hour long sessions and even that won’t be enough. Some professionals spend at least 2 hours at the gym.

That is not necessary. Especially if you exercise 6-7 times weekly. Take rest days. If you are an advanced exerciser, do a 5 day weekly sessions with a full day off and a day of active rest. As for the time, do an hour exercises daily and maybe add a few minutes of extra stretching, yoga and mobility exercises if you want more.

The higher the duration of exercise, the higher the calorie burn. This is especially for high-intensity exercises. All factors constant, longer duration of riding directly increases the amount of calorie burn. If say you are 150 pounds and you ride a recumbent bike for 30 minutes, be sure to have a calorie burn of 230 though this depends on the intensity of riding as well. What if you ride for 60 minutes? As expected, the number of burnt calories will increase-it will double to a total of 460.

Calories Burned On Recumbent Bike #4. Power your workouts

Do you want to ride a recumbent bike for an extended period? At what intensity do you want to ride? While riding for an extended duration at high intensity, you must fuel your body. You want to finish your workout – the grueling workout. You must follow proper nutritional recommendations as failure to do the same can lead to exhaustion killing your dream of finishing a powering workout. This decreases the calorie burn.

You don’t want to consume junk foods before the workout. Only take snacks that feature whole – grain carbohydrates and healthy proteins. These include sandwiches made with peanut butter. You want to take tuna on whole white bread. Banana before the workout will give you enough strength to last without getting exhausted.

Definitely up your protein intake if you want to grow muscles. Protein is also necessary for getting over soreness. Muscle growth is necessary to burn more calories and replace stored fat in your body. Don’t worry about bulking up. It doesn’t happen that simply. You will likely just lose body fat and get lean muscle.

Factors Which Influence How Much Calories You Burn Overall

Everything we have discussed above is necessary for calorie burn and fat loss. But they aren’t enough. You want to know other factors which have a direct influence on caloric burn. You want to avoid being like the majority, they engage in a recumbent bike without laying out a routine to shred fat. These factors enable you to understand what best suits you depending on your gender or even age. Let’s dive in.

1. Gender Or A Biological Built

The number of calories burned on recumbent bike by an individual is directly influenced by their gender. This is true for all kinds of exercises as well. There are supporting details on why men are believed to burn calories than women. You have seen men use recumbent bikes right? They are always very aggressive, they are faster which makes them burn more calories. When you compare women’s experience of riding a recumbent bike, they do it slowly.

Furthermore, men gain muscle way more easily than women. More muscles equals more calorie burn. Men can lift heavier weights and they usually weight more too. More weight means more burn. Again, simple physics.

As you may expect, this leads to a lower caloric burn. As such, you want to take this into account while on a recumbent bike. If for instance, you decide to be on a recumbent bike as a couple, you don’t want to have equal goals as your husband. You may be too exhausted and kill your dream of cutting your weight.

2. Age

This is yet another important factor. It significantly determines the number of calories burned on a recumbent bike. You have seen young people working out on a recumbent bike. You have seen relatively older people working out on a recumbent bike. Do you think the caloric burn is the same? Young people normally have greater determination in what they do. Else why would people be encouraged to learn while young? They have the determination, the grit to push for extended periods. This overtly confirms why younger recumbent bike users have a higher caloric burn.

In addition, it’s important to not overestimate yourself. As the body grows older, no matter how well exercised and in shape you are, the risks of getting injured increase. You need to always keep this in mind if you want to continue to workout at all. You absolutely are not allowed to do an intense workout with an injured body part. This applies to all ages but especially older people as the body cannot recover as fast as it used to at a young age.

3. The Type Of A Recumbent Bike

Did you know that the number of calories burned on recumbent bike depends on the type of bike used. Products have different efficiencies. Do you have a car? You have realized that different brands have different efficiencies, the rate of using fuel. The same can be said about bikes. Some are designed for efficient and faster outcomes. After setting your caloric burn goals, you want to familiarize yourself with different types of recumbent bikes. Go for the best brand-that which fits within the contours of your goals.

Here are the two of the most popular types of a recumbent bike:


These bikes are very popular among users. They have a wide range of features that are tailored towards meeting the needs of the users. This ensures you get the best out of your work. For you who wants an enjoyable workout, for you who want an effective workout, Marcy is for you. You want to have resistance depending on your weight. Here, there are 8 resistance settings. Moreover, there are counterbalanced pedals.


These are specifically built to offer comfort and support to users while working out. This type of recumbent bike is popular because of its effectiveness in weight loss –it’s highly effective in burning calories. Do you want to work out at home? Are you a time constraint? Thanks to therapeutic bikes. They are just large enough to fit in your room. They also have cushioned seats just so your comfortability is enhanced.

Even so, this is the bottom line. You must put your recumbent bike into proper use for you to have a maximum caloric burn. You want to perform caloric stretches before you dive on your bike. Check to ensure all parts of the bike are in the right position. Start your workout slowly and increase the intensity as it continues.

4. Your Body Composition 

This is yet another factor on which the caloric burn is pegged. What’s your body weight? Do you think you are overweight-obese? Do you have normal body weight? Are you working out with those who are obese? Expect their rate of caloric burn to be higher. Normally, while riding at a moderate rate, say 5.5 miles/h, an individual with a bodyweight of 130 pounds will burn 3.5 calories every minute. That’s 210 calories per hour. The rate of caloric burn increases as your body weight increases.

You don’t just want the physical rewards of being a rider. You want to do your best-be committed to long and high-intensity workouts so that you achieve mental and emotional rewards as well.

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