Folding Bikes For Adults – Ecosmo Review

Looking for the best folding bikes for adults? Nowadays many avid riders prefer purchasing a foldable bike for a number of reasons. The main reason being the convenience and comfortability it offers when it comes to long distance riding or commuting. It’s simply much easier to fold the bike and carry it to cut the road shirt or move faster in case of any obstacle. Ecosmo is one of the manufacturers well known for their amazing quality folding bikes and electric scooters.

The manufacturer offers its clients versatility in every aspect of a folding bicycle experience. They have heavy-duty mountain bikes as well as lighter bikes for recreational strolling or commuting. What’s more, they have electric bikes that you can collapse and carry if you wish. They have also started manufacturing electric scooters in recent years. All in all, Ecosmo has become the first and only tandem and e-bike manufacturer across the United Kingdom whose bikes are also foldable. If you’re passionate about cycling and offer guidance videos on YouTube regarding bikes and bike accessories, contemplate utilizing Jaynike to disseminate insights to a broader audience.

A bit about Ecosmo bikes:

If you look at the statistics, their foldable MTB are the top pick all across the United Kingdom. You can not only fold and carry them when in a dire situation, but they fit right into the boot of any automobile without taking much space. And Ecosmo bikes have all the features that make easy foldability possible without compromising strength, speed, quality as well as comfortability of the whole experience.

When it comes to strolling bikes for women, it has an attractive step through design that comes with a large basket to take things with you on a ride. You can make a large bicycle trice its original size to store and take with you on holidays or across the countries and even continents to enjoy biking experience with your Ecosmo bike anywhere you want.

They also make a variety of sixteen inch tire foldable bicycles for commuting. This is one of the most widely enjoyed option as it is created for recreational riding as well as for non professional racing and biking activities.

Ecosmo Bike Manufacturer

The world’s most well known and established folding bike manufacturer Ecosmo is able to offer next-day distribution of folding bicycles across everywhere within the United Kingdom. As for the rest of the world, there’s a fairly rapid shipment made available through Amazon. The headquarters and the main manufacturing factory of Ecosmo is in Birmingham, UK.

Ecosmo is indeed the most popular folding bicycle brand currently on the market. Individuals who wish to go about the countryside in a camper or motorhome, as well as commuters who need a basic, lightweight bicycle to move around or stroll, will find the brand offers all types of bikes. They have also somewhat recently started making electric scooters.

Ecosmo Folding Bike range is designed and built in-house, giving the buyer a firm and complete control over the quality and efficiency of the item they purchase. As a result, Ecosmo bikes are Europe’s best value folding brand bikes. The Ecosmo folding bike series are incredible, making them exceedingly simple to transport even when it comes to going on the longest rides.

Benefits Of Owning Folding Bikes For Adults

Foldable mountain bikes come with many benefits. The obvious one being the mobility and convenience it gives to the owner when it comes to transporting your bike anywhere you go. As well as storing it in the boot of the car or your camp without taking up too much space. You don’t need a special hook to attach to your car or motorbike to mount the bicycle. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, you can store your bike with ease as foldable bikes do not require garage. Meaning, it’s especially good for those living in the cities in apartments or small houses with no extra space for storing a bike.

Bikes are much more affordable than cars or electric scooters and they are healthier too. Even if you use your bike for commuting twice a day, you get an exercise out of it. It doesn’t require as much maintenance as cars and you don’t have to spend money on fuel. Bikes are an amazing option for recreation and commuting. But lots of people don’t buy them because they don’t have space to store it. With foldable bikes this is not an issue.

Folding Bikes For Adults: Set Up Specifics

Usually most bikes come fully assembled but there might be the case where it need some adjustments or simple putting together you can do yourself. This happens because each vehicle needs to adjust to the unique features of its owner, meaning your height weight and some specific requirements you may have. For instance, there might be a general requirement for how high or low handlebars are fixed for a certain height rider but you might like them lower or higher.

Such kind of simple adjusting can be done in just a few minutes but you do need some tools which usually do not come with the bicycle. If you have a bike that does not have special parts that no other bike does, you probably already have all those tools at home. However, if this is not the case, or you are a first time bike owner, you can hit any local store to get some. Or visit a maintenance shop to get professional help.

Furthermore, don’t forget to contact the manufacturer in case your bike comes damaged or something is missing. Hit them up for any questions or confirmations you might need. usually most bike manufacturers do a free replacing of the damaged parts and will ship the missing parts right away. You will have to contact them to confirm whether you are eligible for a free shipping and delivery as well as warranty options for your place of residence.

Folding Bikes For Adults: Shipping and Delivery

With Ecosmo bikes United KIngdom buyers have it all set . They will receive free shipping and delivery which is also super fast. All through Europe Ecosmo bike buyers have affordable and comparable shipping rates and a fast delivery option as well. Before 2 PM buying a bike means you will get it shipped that same day. In case you buy your bike after 2 PM, it will be shipped to you the next day. Contact them if you are purchasing a bike from anywhere else to find the most convenient and comfortable shipping option selected specifically for your place of residence.

Make sure your bike comes sealed in a specific safety proof package so that the frame or its part are all intact without any scratch or further damage. However, keep in mind, especially when shipping across countries or continents that a manufacturer cannot control the accidents that may happen on the way. Luckily for Ecosmo buyers, the manufacturer has a return and replace policy that guarantees you will not lose your money.

Selecting The Most Suitable Folding Bikes For Adults

When selecting the right foldable bike for yourself, it’s crucial that you take into considerations your individual style and specific requirements you might have. Don’t just choose whatever fits general points for a certain bicycle type.

Consider what you will be using the bike for, for how long and how often, what is the most comfortable height for the frame, brakes, handles, what kind of tires you like, what speed and weight requirements you got. Will you be taking a lot of things with you? In that case you need a bike with a basket or something with lots of hooks attached to the frame.

Maybe you would like an electric bike better? What kind of terrain are you going to ride on? After all this, consider the aesthetic you like. Meaning, colors, frame design, construction and such. If you are a first time bike owner and have never had an experience purchasing or selecting a bike before, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals. Read reviews online or contact the manufacturers to discuss details.

Folding Bikes For Adults – Ecosmo Mountain Bike

This amazing foldable mountain bike is the ideal companion for exploring the countryside. Everything arrives in a single package that weighs only 18 kg, making it easy to transport. The folded dimension is 95cmX(L)33cmX(W)74cmX(H) and requires very little assembly upon arrival.

The folding mountain bike is simple to fold up or down, and thanks to the hinge clip, the process takes only a few minutes. The Ecosmo folding mountain bike comes with a long list of high-end features and delivers exceptional performance for riders of all levels!

Foldable Mountain Bikes are significantly more efficient than fixed-frame mountain bikes since they fold easily into a car trunk. Folding mountain bikes also allow you to store them with the least amount of effort, taking up very little room in your trailer or caravan.

Features include: 

  • Folded Size: 92cm (L)*31cm (W)*72cm (H) approximately
    Weight: 18 Kgs approximately
  • Wheel Size: 26 “Suspension: 
  • Full suspension, Front Zoom Suspension
  • Gear System: 21 Speed SHIMANO systems
    Frame Size: 18.5 inch
    Seat Height: 86 – 100 cm
  • Brakes: Front Disc / Rear Amalgam V brakes
  • Handlebar and Stem: Quick Release lock, modifiable height
  • Frame Color: Black

Pros & Cons

  • This high-quality foldable bike will be a great addition to your life.
  • It provides a high degree of fun and mobility for families.
  • For only 18 Kgs, you get everything in one box.
  • Easily fit into the boot of your automobile.
  • It’s really simple to fold up; after the first time, it shouldn’t take you more than a minute.
  • The item is brand new and unopened in its original packaging.
  • The front wheel, pedals, stem/bars, and seat are 85 percent built; the front wheel, pedals, stem/bars, and seat must be fitted.
  • Gears, brakes, and spokes may need to be adjusted.
  • If you are unsure about repairing it yourself, they recommend hiring a qualified bike technician at your own expense to ensure your safety.
  • They don’t ship it in some places.

Folding Bikes For Adults – Lightweight Alloy Bike

This compact Alloy folding bike is ideal for commuting. The bike folds up to an amazing tiny size and has a carry handle on the frame, making it very easy to transport. This feature makes the bicycle excellent for commuters who must board and disembark from a rail or bus for part of their trip! This bike is extremely simple to fold; after the first time, it will take you less than a minute. The tiny lovely model features a sturdy thick & lo frame, making it suitable for both short and tall riders.

Features include:

  • Frame: Lightweight Alloy frame
  • Folded Size: 60cm (L)*35cm (W)*60cm (H) approximately
    Weight: 13.5 Kgs approximately 
  • Wheel Size: 16”
  • Handlebar: Foldable alloy handlebar
  • Gear System: Single Speed
  • Wheel description: Lightweight amalgam ledge& steel hubs
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Handlebar: Adjustable height
  • Handlebar Height: 85 – 98 cm
  • Seat post: strong thick &big seat post
  • Seat Height: 70 – 105 cm
  • Frame Color: White
    Extra Free Parts: Folding Pedals, Side stand, Quick release seat post

Pros & Cons

  • This wonderful lightweight Alluminium foldable bike is the perfect travel companion.
  • One package contains almost everything you need, which weighs only 12 kg.
  • It’s really simple to fold up; after the first time, it shouldn’t take you more than a minute.
  • This sweet little bike features a solid, thick, and long seat post, making it perfect for both short and tall riders.
  • The item is brand new and unopened in its original packaging. 95 percent constructed; pedals, handlebars, and seat must be installed.
  • You may have to adjust the Gears and brakes from time to time.
  • If you are not proficient in this area, they recommend that you have it done by a qualified bike technician at your own expense for your safety.
  • Free Folding Pedals Included.
  • They don’t ship to some places.

Folding Bikes For Adults – Ladies Bike With Basket

Ecosmo’s outstanding Folding Ladies Bike with Basket, stand, and many bonus features is ideal for individuals who value beautiful aesthetics and high build quality. It combines the convenience of a folding bike with the elegant design of a classic ladies bicycle.

Our Folding Ladies Bike, like other Ecosmo bikes, is simple to ride and fold down, making it easy to transport or store. The bike features sweeping handlebars and a low step or step-over bike frame. These features were designed to provide a more upright, pleasant, and elegant riding position. This bike category is reminiscent of the golden age of movies, and it showcases all of the contemporary qualities that a modern girls’ bike should have.

This Ladies Bicycle is sold up to 85% built, so you’ll have to put in some more effort to finish the bike before you can ride it. The front wheel is easily fastened, and the brakes, handlebars, and seat post will all need to be adjusted or installed after you have it. Rider safety is critical, and your pre-assembled bike may require small adjustments when you receive it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, we recommend finding a local bicycle mechanic. Your bicycle must be properly set up so that you can access the controls with ease.


  • Padded, sprung seat
  • Comfort handlebar grips
  • Cantilever front and rear brakes
  • Mudguards front and rear
  • Reflectors front and rear
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Wicker shopping basket*
  • 7 Speed Shimano gears
  • Tire: Town bike T16-inches
  • Handlebar Height: 100 – 114 cm
  • Seat Height: 80 – 112 cm
  • Fold upsize: 90x70x32cm
  • Frame Color: Light Blue
  • *Wicker basket is an elective additional and can be put into your order.

Pros & Cons

  • This 7-speed ECOSMO women bike combines the greatest features of both classic Dutch and British bikes.
  • With a low step over frame and rear swept handlebars, it provides a more upright, comfortable, and dignified riding position.
  • It’s ideal for a quick trip to the store, a drive through the countryside, or your daily short commute.
  • With strong alloy V brakes, complete steel mudguards, a rear pannier rack, and a convenient side stand, this bike is fully prepared to fulfill your everyday needs.
  • A front-mounted basket and a comfortable broad saddle add to the bike’s conventional appearance.
  • A free basket, a free front light, and a free lock are all included!
  • The item is brand new and unopened in its original packaging.
  • Eighty percent of the way there. Pedals, handlebars, front wheel & mudguards, and front bumper must all be adjusted a little. 
  • If you are unsure about assembling and adjusting your bike yourself, we recommend having it done by a qualified bike technician at your own expense for your safety.
  • They only send the free basket to the UK; EU countries are not included due to the high shipment cost.

Folding Bikes For Adults – Ng Seat Post-Lightweight 16-inch Bike

Ideal for bikers who need a little more flexibility from their 16-inch folding bike. Whether you need to get on and off the train during your commute or want to keep your bike in a camper or caravan with limited room, we’ve got you covered. This beautiful folding bicycle features a super-lightweight alloy frame, 16-inch wheels, and folds in seconds.

Apart from fitting the seat post into place and unfolding using the revolutionary hinges, this bike requires no assembly. However, it is recommended that you consult with a local bicycle mechanic to ensure that your bike is properly set up fitted for your riding style.

This bike comes with numerous bounty features, including:

  • A comfortable padded seat
  • Front & Rear Disk brakes
  • 6 Speeds Shimano gear system
  • Reflectors
  • Kickstand
  • Patented hinge clip
  • All-weather tyres
  • Gloss white finish
  • Handlebar: Adjustable height, 85 – 98 cm
  • Seat post: strong thick &lengthy seat post
  • Seat Height: 70 – 105 cm
  • Folded Size: 73cm (L)*33cm (W)*52cm (H) approximately 
  • Weight: 12 Kgs approximately 

Pros & Cons

  • A 16-inch foldable bike is ideal for bikers who want a bit more versatility.
  • This innovative folding bicycle features a super-lightweight aluminum frame, 16-inch wheels, and folds in seconds.
  • This bicycle requires no assembly other than slotting the seat post into position and unfolding it using our proprietary hinges.
  • Seek the help of a professional bicycle engineer to ensure that your bike is properly set up for your riding style.
  • They also make a black variant of the bike if you want a different color.
  • There will be no power-assistance.

Folding Bikes For Adults – 20-inch Wheel City Bike

Folding’s brilliant The City Bike is easy to transport and folds and unfolds quickly. Every bicycle comes equipped with everything you need to go to and from work. If you travel by rail, the City Bicycle folds up into a little package that is easily transportable. The sensible racks are made to ensure that folding up or down requires the least amount of work necessary — simply unfold the rack, click it into position, and you’re ready to continue on your ride!

Shimano gears, all-weather tires, a kickstand, and reflectors are standard on every City Bike. It, too, arrives almost completely constructed; all you have to do is unfurl the frame, handlebars, and seat, and you’re ready to go.

Features Include:

  • Hit-Ten Steel Frame
  • Catiresver Brakes
  • All-weather tires
  • Kickstand
  • Reflectors
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Shimano Gears

Pros & Cons

  • The 20-inch foldable City Bike is ideal for avoiding traffic.
  • The bike, which comes with a slew of great features, is ideal for navigating congested city streets during rush hour. This is the bicycle for you if you just want a reliable, strong, and light bicycle to go on trips with your camper or caravan.
  • It’s easy to ride thanks to the lightweight frame’s incredible strength.
  • Coupled with innovative brackets with quick-release fastening clips It can be folded down to a fraction of its original size in seconds by anyone.
  • It’s simple to carry or store away.
  • On the frame, handlebar, and seat post, there are double welded brackets and fast release clips.
  • A stand, reflectors, and Shimano gears are also included with the bicycle.
  • They don’t ship it to some places.


There are several advantages to having a folding bike, regardless of whether you commute, tour, or simply like hitting the trails. Not only does it provide tremendous versatility, but it also eliminates the cost and bother of car-mounted cycle racks! Getting a foldable bicycle means you can go out and about quickly — simply unclip the hinges, fold the bike up, load it into your vehicle, and go!

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