How to Reach Chardham Yatra from Bangalore in 2024?

How to Reach Chardham Yatra from Bangalore in 2024?

The Chardham Yatra from Bangalore has four temples – Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Being an important pilgrimage journey for the Hindus, the Yatra draws pilgrims from all over the world. 

If you are planning the Yatra from Bangalore, then in this post, we will cover some essential details. From choosing an appropriate mode of transport to exploring cultural nuances and practical considerations, pilgrims will gain all the essential information required for an effortless yet spiritually enriching pilgrimage expedition. 

Reaching Chardham Yatra from Bangalore: Essential Things To Keep In Mind

1. Select the Appropriate Time & Season For The Chardham Yatra from Bangalore:

The Chardham Yatra pilgrimage usually starts in the summer and continues in the winter. The temple’s opening dates are announced during Maha Shivratri, which is an auspicious event, and the closing day is during Bhai Dooj. 

However, your visit in the Best Time to Visit Chardham Yatra is imperative. The temples open from March to April and close from October to November. Summer month, from the temple’s opening to June, is the ideal time before the onset of monsoon.

Planning your Chardham Yatra from Bangalore in the monsoon season between June and September should not be considered. This is because the area has very high precipitation and a probability of landslides and floods. Therefore, avoid the monsoon season at all costs. Hence, you can book your Chardham Yatra by Helicopter packages.

Second, the post-monsoon or pre-winter season is the best time for travelling to Chardham Yatra Places.

2. Modes of Transportation: 

Being well connected, Bangalore provides many transport options to pilgrims planning the Chardham Yatra pilgrimage, primarily air, train, and road transport.

  • Air: If pilgrims want the fastest possible way to reach the starting point of their Yatra, taking a flight between Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore and Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is their fastest option. Once in Dehradun, they can continue by road journeying or booking helicopter services for Chardham Yatra temple darshan. 
  • Train: Bangalore is well connected with major cities of northern India via trains. Pilgrims can board one and continue by road by following the Chardham Yatra Route Map.
  • Road: There are multiple roads from Bangalore to the Chardham circuit, and selecting the one most suited depends on factors like time, convenience and personal preferences. A popular path begins in Haridwar. Generally, pilgrims visit Haridwar, take a holy dip in Har Ki Pauri and continue their journey Chardham Yatra from Bangalore. 

3. Accommodation Along the Route:

With so much ground to cover in a circuit such as Chardham, planning accommodations early is of vital importance for pilgrims wishing to complete it. As you move towards the temples, the accommodation options may become lesser, and you won’t find luxury options. But the accommodations have all the basic amenities. 

Pilgrims must book their accommodations in advance to avoid last-minute hurry.

4. Preparations for the Yatra:

  • Health Check-Up: A health screening examination is essential before you travel to your Chardham Yatra in Bangalore. You would be travelling through rough topography and very high elevations. Hence, this could present health problems – especially for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.
  • Pack Essentials: Pilgrims should bring warm clothing, rain gear, sturdy walking shoes and any necessary medications they will require on their journey. Furthermore, carrying a first aid kit is vital should any unforeseeable situations arise during their pilgrimage journey. Also, carry enough cash, power banks, contact details, and dry fruits and snacks.
  • No matter what, avoid eating junk food during your Yatra. Also, avoid consuming water directly from any unreliable sources.

5. Guidelines for the Yatra:

  • Registration: Pilgrims should register for the Yatra before undertaking the Chardham Yatra from Bangalore through government portals for smoother coordination and assistance.
  • Environment-Friendly Practices: Pilgrims must observe eco-friendly practices to maintain the sacredness of these places. Pilgrims should not litter, follow assigned routes and respect local customs during their Yatra. 

6. Local Transportation Options:

  • Pony and Palanquin Services: For those who find trekking daunting, pony and Palanquin services may offer relief on certain journey stretches.
  • Helicopter Services: Also, helicopter services provide a comfortable trip to reach all the temples. This option makes it safer for those who have less time or can’t complete the Yatra on foot.

7. COVID-19 Guidelines and Restrictions:

With the ongoing pandemic, pilgrims must remain updated on COVID-19 regulations and restrictions. They should bring necessary documents like vaccination certificates when making pilgrimages and adhere to safety protocols during their Chardham Yatra from Bangalore.


Planning each aspect of the Yatra on your own can be a difficult task. Yet, with the right travel agency, it becomes easy. LIH Travel specializes in the best India tour services and Chardham Yatra from Bangalore packages. Whether you are looking for helicopter or road packages, LIH Travel can help you. For more information, LIH Travel’s website has all the essential details.

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