How Flexible Are Online IELTS Classes in Terms of Scheduling and Pacing?

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For students wanting to study in a foreign nation, online learning is their preferred method to accomplish their goals. It allows them the convenience to learn from the comforts of their homes and, with every day, inch closer to their ultimate dream. The biggest takeaway of web-based learning and test preparation is the flexibility in the present- for scheduling suitable study sessions and learning at one’s comfortable pace.

Take IELTS preparation, for instance. Every year, the number of students enrolling for online IELTS coaching is ever-increasing. A classic example is the yearly increasing student base in India’s most prolific study abroad consultancy,AbroAdvice, offering IELTS classes online.

Respective aspirants benefit greatly from the platform’s panel of experts presenting comprehensive exam preparation and success tips to score big on the test day. If you’re eager to achieve your IELTS target score, consider checking out the above platform and the efficiency of its coaching classes today.

Besides helping you familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, featured questions and other specifics, the platform’s experts will also share information about the IELTS exam fee Delhi (if that’s your location) and other locations in India. Additionally, the platform also delivers a host of equally helpful ancillary services. Feel free to check them out, too!

Let’s Discuss More on The FLEXIBILITY Aspect of Online Coaching in Terms of LEARNING PACE and SCHEDULING.

  • Flexibility in Class/Study Scheduling 

IELTS test coaching is highly in demand among students all across the globe. In this fast-paced world that makes student life more demanding, online coaching offers them the much-needed freedom to access IELTS education without thinking about time, location, or coaching efficiency.

With the changing environment and several economic and social factors involved in traditional student learning, virtual learning allows these learners peace of mind to pursue their passions without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by external factors. Through web learning, candidates can focus solely on their education, keeping distractions aside, and continually progress in their academic (or, in this case, IELTS) skills development.

Regarding scheduling, candidates can set a fixed time for IELTS exam preparation. Most top-rated online coaching platforms, like AbroAdvice and others, allow learners to schedule classes conveniently.

Furthermore, mental health is directly linked to a candidate’s learning proficiency. Those in a good and relaxed state of mind tend to perform better than those overly stressed and fearful of their inevitable IELTS performance. With online lessons, there is no pressure to take classes on a rigid schedule or maintain a good attendance rate, as in the case of offline classes.

Through such scheduling flexibility, students can maintain good mental health and learning enthusiasm, thus resulting in increased productivity throughout their sorted study sessions.

Flexibility in online class scheduling also saves time for other crucial academic/personal obligations. Rather than traveling to a distant coaching centre, candidates can turn on their laptops, plug in their headphones and connect with live IELTS tutors in minutes. These benefits allow candidates to save70% of their time and energy for other university assignments and subject-based learning.

Most academic assignments are time-sensitive and have rigid deadlines; Students must complete and submit the tasks within that tight schedule. Failing to do so leads to losing crucial marks or canceling the assignment altogether. However, through flexible scheduling of classes, students can make time for their pending assignments and even meet their daily studying quota per their professor’s demands. Occasionally, they can even find time for social meetings, sports activities or miscellaneous chores.

  • Flexibility in Setting the Appropriate Learning Pace

Besides, whatever is discussed thus far, flexibility in online coaching also allows pupils to learn at their suitable pace. Every student is different and learns at their own pace. It allows them to focus and grasp their course learning (in this case, preparing for IELTS) more efficiently. By not being rushed to learn briskly, they can take their time understanding IELTS test questions. And how to solve them correctly, improve time management and gradually increase their mock test scores. Learning at one’s pace also reduces unwanted anxiety, frustration and even boredom that is otherwise experienced in an offline classroom setting.

Of course, experts also indicate another positive outcome of self-paced education- the development of learning ownership! Students have the liberty to set daily learning targets.

 Those Include –

  • Determining how long they wish to study through online classes and post-sessions
  • Areas they must improve upon
  • And preparing themselves for anything appearing on the main IELTS paper.

Pupils can also plan how many practice papers to solve each day and how frequently to take online mock tests to boost their IELTS test-taking confidence and problem-solving efficiency. Through self-paced learning, students can also try new things (like finding more efficient ways to solve complex questions) and develop better problem-solving techniques.

Above all, students develop greater awareness of their learning progression through self-paced learning. They can find web sources on troubling chapters/concepts, refer to many solved questions for ideas and implement them to enhance their overall test preparedness.

For IELTS (or any other course/competitive exam), online coaching gives students the flexibility to learn at their speed. Taking the example of AbroAdvice, students can access all archived lectures, use 280+ practice exercises for all IELTS test sections (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and even E-books on live IELTS curriculum. Through these resources, they can practice and boost their knowledge per their comfort. If they do get stuck or need additional clarifications, they can schedule personalized doubt-clearing sessions with the platform’s experts and have their questions or queries resolved.

Flexibility in learning pace from online IELTS coaching is a blessing for most students. Using this convenience, they can prepare, motivate and empower themselves appropriately for their main exam day and even schedule the test per their preference.

Thus, it is another reason IELTS test takers (and students in general) are inclined more towards online-based coaching classes to ace their respective examinations.

More Reasons to Choose Online IELTS Coaching Classes 

Besides flexibility in scheduling and self-paced learning, Online IELTS Classes offer many other benefits.

  1. Regular reading sessions and occasional dictation tests.
  2. Short essays on a specific argument/problem and provide factual information or solutions.
  3. Other writing practices by analyzing tables, data and diagrams.
  4. Ample speaking and listening exercises to hone your skills for those sections.
  5. Additional test-taking tips to adopt and improve your performance on the main day.
  6. Huge collection of archived lectures
  7. 40 section-wise practice tests and online mock assessments for R, L, S, and W.
  8. 280+ practice exercises and access to Live IELTS E-book curriculum
  9. Recommendations of official IELTS preparation resources and materials to practice with daily.
  10. Routine performance feedback and improvement tips via the best IELTS experts in India.
  11. Personalized attention and doubt-clarification sessions with a tutor.
  12. Helpful tips to improve time management
  13. Other miscellaneous advice to implement the night before and on the test day to reduce stress, nervousness and fear.

End Note

So, to answer – ‘how flexible are online IELTS classes in terms of scheduling and pacing’; THEY ARE QUIET FLEXIBLE!

As an aspirant, you must take full advantage of the prospects of IELTS online classes. They will definitely be worth it.

If you need a good place to start- connect with the above-suggested platform.

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