Know How to see Kundli in the Right Way

Even if it’s not lyrical, being able to read a kundli might make you seem like the most intelligent person around. To be honest, though, it takes a lot of experience and understanding to read a Kundli on your own. It also requires an understanding of colorful astrological terminology and its meanings in the context of Kundli. All of this may sound a little scary at first, but after reading this blog post on how to see Kundli in the right way, you’ll get one step closer to being the most intelligent person in the room.

Why read Kundli?

The Kundli can reveal information about a person’s history, present, and future. As a result, individuals consult any astrologer to learn about their Kundli. However, today, we’re going to learn how to view our horoscope easily so that you may glance at your Kundli and discover what tomorrow holds for you. Before that, let us see what a Kundli is.


A Kundli is a map that shows you where the planets, stars, and zodiac signs were when you were born in the sky circle. The kundli consists of twelve sections, and the planets and zodiac signs are seated within these sections to determine a person’s destiny. The numbers in the kundli denote the zodiac signs. Moreover, one can generate Free Janam Kundali by Date of Birth and Time.

House or Expressions in Kundli

If you ever have seen your kundli then you might have noticed 12 sections or houses in it. A person’s entire life can be understood through these 12 houses or areas. Understand generally that an individual’s primary house describes their personality, character, and physical appearance. We refer to it as ascendant. Money, speech, and primary education make up the second house. In the third, there are younger siblings, bravery, and honor; in the fourth, happiness is the theme. You see things like your mother, your car, your property, etc. The fifth house represents further education, children, love, and romance. Threats, illness, rivalry, and so on are viewed from the sixth house.


The marital feeling is found in the seventh house. It shows life partners and the type of partnership that occurs in life. The eighth house provides context for life’s unexpected turns. The ninth house is of long-distance travel, Dharma, Guru, and Bhagya. The house Karma Bhava is the eleventh. The person’s father and occupation are visible in this way. The house of profit is the eleventh house. This demonstrates a variety of accomplishments, big siblings, friends, etc. The 12th house represents a loss. This shows a variety of losses, costs, overseas travel, etc.

Zodiac Signs

The house contains zodiac signs. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Pisces. Every sign in the zodiac possesses unique qualities and traits. The lagna zodiac is the zodiac sign that somebody gets in their first house. On the other hand, the zodiac sign in which the moon is seated is called the moon sign, and the zodiac sign in which the sun is seated is called the sun sign.

Planets in Kundli

The planets are positioned within your Kundli’s house. Any house in Kundli Yoga can have one, two, or more planets seated there; these planets are referred to as yutis. There is a relationship between these planets. This is a relationship based on equal feelings, rivalry, and friendship. In astrology, there are nine of these planets. Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each of these planets possesses a unique nature. The friendly planets Chandra, Jupiter, and Venus are among them. In addition, the planets Rahu-Ketu, Mars, Saturn, and the Sun are considered cruel planets. In addition to this, they also share a connection with zodiac signs. Except for Rahu-Ketu, every planet rules one or two signs of the zodiac.

Planets Sights or Drishti

We need to be aware of the planets’ view if we want to understand our horoscope. It is possible for this vision to be both fortunate and unlucky. From their current house, all planets can view the seventh house. Some planets can currently be seen in another house other than the 7th. Mars sees the 4th and 8th houses at the same time. From its position, Jupiter may also observe the 5th and 9th houses. Saturn’s placement is in the 3rd and 10th houses. Rahu-Ketu views the seventh house, the fifth house, and the ninth house on one side.


Now you know the important things to see in a kundli. Therefore, go now and discover the aspects that are lying ahead. Additionally, if you encounter some questions or problems, then meet a qualified astrologer who will guide you to the answer and solution.

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