Single Speed Mountain Bike Conversion Kits

Looking for a single speed mountain bike conversion kits? Mountain biking is supposed to be all fun and exciting. This is because it is all about driving on difficult trails and exploring different and new places. Therefore, one would not understand why add turmoil to this wonderful experience by using a single speed mountain bike.

Although as crazy as it may sound, more and more of hard core mountain riders are getting drawn towards these type of bikes with each passing day. This is because the sense of being able to tackle harder and harder milestones in the world of riding each time, can be a constant high.

A single-speed mountain bike is definitely hardcore when compared to a normally geared mountain bike but it definitely comes with a lot of benefits. Therefore, although most people shy away from it, it will continue to have a place in some individual riders. Just to name a few of these benefits, riding using a single-speed mountain bike is the truest form of mountain biking because it will make you feel the real impact of the trails and bumps. If you’re passionate about cycling and offer guidance on social media such as TikTok regarding bikes, contemplate utilizing TikTokstorm to disseminate insights to a broader audience.

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Consequently one will also be able to get in a better work out because you have to use your bodily strength to ride the bike and not entirely depend on the gears of the bike. In addition to that, using the single speed bike instead of your regular one will make you see your usual trails differently because you will feel all the obstacles to be a little bit harder.

Single speed biking is quite a small niche, thus single speed mountain biking is even smaller.

This is because most individuals do not understand why one should ride in the mountains with a single speed bike which simply makes it harder. Herein is a detailed difference between a single speed and a geared mountain bike so that anyone who may not be able to understand why they should switch to this growing bandwagon may do so and maybe take a step.

Main Differences Between Single Speed and Geared Mountain Bikes

Single Speed Mountain Bicycles

These bikes operate using a very simple mechanism therefore are considerably cheaper when compared to their geared counterparts. They are also considerably lightweight because they have fewer parts. For starters, they don’t have the derailleurs and quite a number of excess gears. In this regard they have less parts that are required to be taken care of which can be quite expensive.

An owner of these bikes will not have to worry about a whole lot of parts wearing out too. A geared bike will require a lot of lubrication from time and again and these doesn’t apply to single speed bikes also because of their fewer parts. More gears bring about more complications with them too for sure.

Additional Features

To add to this, in case your goal is to get a better work out in ,then these bikes are a better option compared to normal geared bikes. This is because you have less gears to help you propel the bike therefore have no choice but to use your own strength to do so. This ensures a higher calories burn. Bikes with multiple gears will give the option of changing the gears to suit different trails, but for these bikes, one works with one gear and have simply one option.

Their light weight makes it easy for one to move around with them and you can make sure that you are keeping fit no matter where you go and they are also very easy to store. One of the downsides of using the single speed mountain bikes is that in case you are not fit enough. You will get easily tired therefore not able to keep riding for a long time. Meaning that you get in little workout.

Another reason is that they can’t move as fast as their counterparts because the rider is completely in control. For this reason, it will be a poor decision to use one of these while going for a race. In short the use of these bikes involves faster and more turning of your bike pedals.

Geared Bikes

These are generally more efficient as expected. Because there are more gears assisting the rider in propelling the bike. These make it easy for the riders to get through hard trails faster compared to their counterparts. Very little effort is required during riding too. They come in very handy when you need a fast ride. However, they come with a lot of unnecessary baggage too.

For instance, the bike has more parts, which means they will need more lubrication and more frequently. Therefore making the total cost of maintenance considerably high. On top of that, once one gear, in a heavily geared machine, gets ruined then the entire machine gets affected which very unreliable.

Geared bikes are also just heavier therefore will make you think twice about taking it with you to many other places. In addition, it is very hard to store too. The maintenance is expensive but the bike cannot survive without it .So one definitely gets an expensive, easily damaged, high maintenance and a bike that makes you exercise less.

Single Speed Conversion Kits

These are very reliable as they make the process of changing your bike from geared to a single speed very easy. This is because single speed biking is quite a small niche, and single speed mountain biking is even smaller therefore it can be quite difficult to try and get a readily available single speed mountain bike in the market.

This is where the single speed conversion kits come in handy and are a cheaper choice compared to purchasing an entire new bike. After a long and efficient research, herein is a list of single speed conversion kits that will make the conversion of your bike from a multi geared bike to a single speed bike easy and smooth.

CyclingDeal Single Speed Mountain Bike Conversion Kit Shimano Adaptor

First and foremost the construction of this kit makes it very reliable .The components of this kit are made of steel which makes them very sturdy. Then the kit is compatible with a couple of SRAM and Shimano free hubs. It comes with quite a range of sizes of spacers therefore enables one to get an almost perfect chain line.

This kit allows the use of your own chain meaning that you do not have to purchase a new one. The most exciting feature of this kit is that it comes with a lock ring ,sprocket and a set of single speed spacers which makes it very reliable. Last but not least, this kit is compatible with quite a number of bikes .Therefore is very convenient for a large number of riders.


  • Brand: CyclingDear
  • Material: Steel
  • Package Weight: 0.05 kg


  • Very easy to coast
  • Simple Installation
  • Good quality spacers.


  • May not fit the Shimano Freehub

Bibike Single Speed Mountain Bike Conversion Kit Compatible with Shimano Scram

The kit is the easiest way to convert a multi gear into a single gear .It includes a couple number of spacers .The sprocket is made of steel which makes it very sturdy and durable. It is compatible with approximately three different speed chains and has a number of spacers which come in very handy when building a single speed mountain bike.

It is important to note that this conversion kit will ensure that your bike converts into a full freewheel. Therefore, one is able to get all the benefits that come with single speed bikes. Last but not least, the cog in this kit is of a very high quality when compared to all the others present in the market. Bibike makes this kit more perfect by including a single speed 23T cassette, lock ring and end ring.


  • Brand: Bibike
  • Package Weight: 0.4 kg


  • Durable 
  • Quick installation
  • Light weight


  • Quite pricy

GearClamp Single Speed Mountain Bike Conversion Kit for Shimano

Purchasing this kit for your bike is the best decision when you are trying to switch to a single speed bike. Two clamps come included in this kit which makes it very efficient. Each one of the clamps has a 2.5 allen bolt attached to it which would come in handy when one is trying to get an even trail side very quickly. A pair of these clamps weigh 18 grams which is considerably light weight and efficient.

Finally these clamps can be used with 16T cogs or even larger thus increasing the number of bikes that it is compatible with. They are of very good quality considering the price that they are sold at and all that you will have to do is to tighten them as tight as you need and the single speed bike is good to go.


  • Brand: GearClamp
  • Package Weight: 0.03 kg


  • Sturdy
  • Light weight


  • Maybe flimsy if you don’t tighten it well.

Q2 Carbon Single Speed Mountain Bike Conversion Spacer Kit with Lock ring

This is the most capable kit you can use to change your Shimano 8/9” to a single speed hub as it is very lightweight therefore immediately relieve your bike of excess weight. The material used to make this set, aluminum ,makes it feel very sturdy.

The inclusion of spacers made of carbon was a genius move because they look so good and will immediately uplift the appearance of any bike. In case you have worried about other conversion kits not fitting some Shimano designs then you won’t have to worry anymore when it comes to this ones. Because you get exactly what the product name suggests.


  • Brand: Q2 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Package Weight: 0.06 kg


  • Very light weight


  • Doesn’t come with spacers
  • Some customers have complained about is making some nois which doesn’t affect the performance 

Cervus Bike Single Speed Fixie Cassette Mountain Bike Conversion Kit

To start with the splines on this kit are elongated therefore hold the chain securely and one can have complete confidence in the bikes stability. Additionally, they will not show any signs of wear for a long time. Some customers have praised this by saying that the paint on the splines take a long time before it starts to wear out.

Also this kit is very easy to install and one would not require a manual for it. Making this the quickest way of converting your bike to a single speed without many hassles. Not stopping there, the sprocket is made of steel which makes it very durable and the kit is compatible with quite a number of bikes as it includes several spacers and can fit a number of single speed chains.


  • Brand: Cervus
  • Package weight: 0.04kg


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Appealing
  • Easy and quick installation


  • May need a little more effort to thread in

Origin8 Hub OR8 Single Speed Mountain Bike Kit

This absolutely amazing package comes with 8 spacers that are made of alloy and are of different sizes. This makes it very easy for one to adjust the chain line which is essential. Two of the spacers are conical providing enhanced resistance of the cog. It comes in both black and red 6061 alloy that is anodized which is very nice because it enables one to make the choice they want. This kit comes with many spacers which is very efficient too.

Some customers have indicated that they have remained with leftovers. The big spacers available in the kit make the single speed feel more secure which is a definite plus. Lastly, the installation and use of this kit is very easy therefore this is a very good choice for a rider who is new in the process of converting the gears of a bike.


  • Brand: Origin 8
  • Package weight: 0.02 pounds
  • Number of items: 1


  • Good quality
  • Ensures no slippage
  • Very easy to use
  • Nice variety and sizes of spacers


  • Some consumers have complained that it may not compatible with all Shimano free hubs.

Guide On How To Convert A Mountain Bike Into A Single Speed

The first thing that you will have to do is get rid of the present chain rings and then put in the new non -ramped chain ring. After this is done, you will need to remove everything else that is not required in a single speed mountain bike. These include the shift cables, shifters and derailleurs. Right afterwards ensure that you measure the chain line of your bike.

You should then get rid of the cassette so that you can add your spacers which are present in the conversion kit. It is important for one to note that you get to add the spacers according to the measurements you got from measuring the chain line.

One can now put their chain line into its place paying close attention to ensure that the tension mechanism you use have the chain at its shortest length .This is so as to allow any chain growth that might take place with time. Lastly, always ensure that the tension on your chain line is right then you can get started using your single speed mountain bike.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Single Speed Mountain Bike Conversion Kit

  1. Compatibility with your bike

The first thing that one should look at is if the kit is a perfect fit for their bike because you don’t want to purchase something that you will later on have to struggle with to get it to sit right with your bike.

  1. Cost

Although conversion kits can be quite affordable, it is important to ensure that what you buy is worth every coin. Pay close attention to the quality and the general construction of the entire kit.

  1. Durability

A poor built conversion kit will definitely not last you a long time .Therefore make sure that quality and level of construction is good enough.

  1. Ease of installation

Conversion kits normally have simple directions included so as to make your assembling easy. Never assume that installation of one conversion kit is the same as another one. Always read and understand the manuals.

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