The Document Management System of the Future: ioMoVo Is Here!

So far, document management has undergone a great deal of change over the past few decades. Beginning in the days when one had to keep reams of paper in a cabinet and develop an electronic system for easy storage, high-speed access control, and more than 200 users. Nevertheless, many systems that cater to document management remain tied to outmoded technology and less-than-usable interfaces.

Say hello to ioMoVo. This artificial intelligence-driven tool is meant to be a breakthrough in document management and intends to be significantly smarter, faster, and easier to use than any other product on the market. Here’s a brief look at how this forward-thinking company’s approach is changing things for good:

 Intelligent Search and Organization

With traditional methods of document management comes all manner of headaches. Trying to find something in a haystack can be frustrating, particularly when it’s a file. ioMoVo uses the most advanced AI to get over this problem by adding an intelligent search capability. Natural language queries are understood and relevant documents can be found quickly, even if you can’t remember their exact file name.

IoMoVo also tags and organizes documents automatically by content. This eliminates the rigidity of folder structures and manual filing. Your documents will be sorted into types that make some kind of sense.

 Automated Document Processing

The tasks of processing documents, such as OCR, compression, conversion, and metadata extraction, are all done automatically by ioMoVo. The moment you upload a new document, ioMoVo quietly begins processing in the background. The OCR function gives ioMoVo text search and indexing capabilities for documents in all image formats, such as scanned PDF. Convert your files to any format. Automated metadata tagging enriches documents with details like title, author, and creation date.

 Internal Collaboration Tools

ioMoVo makes working with documents in real-time as a team a snap. Through the cloud storage system, a team member may share a document, comment on it, or edit it in concert with others instead of constantly sending around files via e-mail

You still maintain full control over who can view, edit, download, or delete a document. You can revoke access at any time.

 Integrates With Your Stack

Though many document management systems are confined to their little islands, ioMoVo can integrate with your tools and workflows to manage documents across platforms properly. For example, ioMoVo connects directly with cloud-based storage like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SharePoint. All documents in these systems can be indexed and searched right inside ioMoVo without migration, thank goodness.

Relevant to Your Industry

ioMoVo has industry-specific capabilities that are custom-fit for the individual needs of each company. These include:

  • Life sciences 一 strong audit trails, CFR compliance
  • Engineering 一 interfaces to CAD tools and special viewers for file formats
  • Finance 一 bank-grade security, OCR for financial documents
  • Legal 一 ethical screens, case management, transcript management, and document comparison

Please note that ioMoVo makes it easy to cater to your industry’s special governing regulations.

 Design Focused on Users

ioMoVo devotes most of its efforts to user experience. The new version is intuitive and responsive yet full of handsome modern design and simple neat functionality. Find documents easily and then share them. You can also safely store, organize, search, and share information in one place. In addition to web access from any browser, ioMoVo provides native apps for iOS and Android devices. You can access and personify text or in other words, make inline and highlight them wherever you may find yourself.

 Start a Free Trial

Are you ready to start with ioMoVo? A free 14-day trial awaits.

Artificial intelligence from ioMoVo will revolutionize how businesses handle documents. It can optimize your daily operations, boost throughput, and satisfy your customers. The future of document management is now – start your trial today with ioMoVo!

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