What Does the Moon Mean on Instagram: Quiet Mode

Asking yourself “What Does the Moon Mean on Instagram” may come to mind if you’ve ever found yourself messaging friends on Instagram nonstop and then realizing that they’re not answering—while a shadowy moon symbol appears beside their username.

Quiet Mode on Instagram holds the solution. Instagram Quiet Mode was a feature that Meta unveiled in 2019 to give users more control over their Instagram notifications.

What Does the Moon Mean on Instagram gives users the option to turn off their notifications for a certain amount of time, giving them a much-needed break from the never-ending stream of messages—especially at night or during hectic times. Instagram moon, then, indicates that your friend has turned on Instagram Quiet Mode.

Instagram Quiet Mode, or Instagram Moon

How to Turn on Quiet Mode on Instagram

It’s easy to activate Instagram Quiet Mode or Instagram Moon Symbol. To add the moon icon to your Instagram messages, follow these steps:

  • Launch your Instagram account.
  • Go to the upper right corner and tap the hamburger icon (three lines).
  • Select “Settings and Privacy”
  • Choose “Notifications.”
  • Select “Silent Mode.”
  • Turn it on and configure the start and end times that work best for you.

It’s easy to enable Instagram Quiet Mode.

Reduced distractions, improved digital well-being, and the capacity to concentrate on what matters most without being inundated with notifications are just a few benefits of using Quiet Mode. To let people know that you are using Instagram’s Quiet Mode, it also sends an automatic reply.

How to disable Instagram’s Quiet Mode

It’s as easy to turn Instagram Quite Mode off as to switch it on. All you have to do is disable the Quiet Mode option by repeating the previously specified steps.

Is Instagram Quiet Mode not enabled on your device?

Make sure you have a steady internet connection and have updated your Instagram app to the most recent version if you are unable to locate Quiet Mode.

Instagram iOS Instagram for Android

Instagram’s Quiet Mode is a useful tool for controlling alerts and keeping your online life in balance. You can tell when someone values their digital health when you see that moon icon in their Instagram messaging. Just follow the instructions above to enter Quiet Mode and take advantage of a calmer, more concentrated Instagram experience.

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