What Tarot Cards Represent Birth?

Birth is a significant event that indicates the start of a new life. It is a time of great joy and optimism, mixed with a little worry. Individuals have used a variety of methods and traditions for centuries to understand the importance and meaning of birth. One of them is Tarot cards. In particular, tarot cards are an incredibly useful tool for understanding the characteristics and attributes that come with birth.

We can learn more about our potential, as well as our strengths and mistakes, by examining the distinct energies and symbols that each tarot card represents. Therefore, in this blog, we will discover the tarot cards that represent birth.

Tarot Cards that Indicate the Birth

Life is a beautiful journey that starts with a miracle called birth. Let’s find out which tarot card indicates it.

The Empress

Probably the most important card to consider when doing a birth tarot reading is the Empress. The Empress represents fertility, childbirth, and motherhood even when you’re not asking about concerns regarding her pregnancy—after all, she’s typically shown as pregnant. Additionally, she is a symbol of acceptance, implying that you will be happy and comfortable as a mother.


The Empress also refers to one’s own mother and represents the cycle of being a parent. As you read on, remember that the Empress frequently serves as a warning not to repeat the mistakes of your own mother.

Similarly, readings for males or those who have husbands may include The Emperor, who stands for fatherhood, with the suggestion that he might become a parent soon.

The Fool

The Fool is sometimes portrayed as a carefree young person heading on a journey with a dog in the back, generally walking along a cliff’s edge. However, in pregnancy, reading this card is a good choice regardless of its name and appearance. It implies that although you might be nervous about your present pregnancy or your thoughts of becoming a mother, your friends or spouse will support you at every turn.


The Fool may also indicate that it’s time for you to start your journey. If you’ve been waiting to get pregnant, now could be the perfect time. Additionally, one can choose their birth Tarot Card By Date Of Birth.

The Sun

Although the Sun doesn’t directly relate to birth, it indicates that a long-held hope or dream may soon come true. Hence, if you’re doing pregnancy reading, your dream may involve fertility. The Sun will now light up that dream. Alternatively, drawing the Sun during your present pregnancy indicates a safe and successful pregnancy.


Infertility might also find comfort in the Sun. If you’ve had trouble trying to conceive, this card might be encouraging you to find happiness and comfort in other areas of your life.

The Moon

The moon governs the tides and the rhythms of life. Until they visibly express themselves, we frequently remain unaware of those rhythms. Choosing the Moon in a birth spread could imply that you are already pregnant and are simply unaware of it. Alternatively, it could be that you will become pregnant even though you have not yet planned it.


The Moon is also a symbol of healing, but only if you’re prepared to accept it. If a pregnancy-related tragedy has recently taken place, this card could indicate positive energy in your direction.

The World

The world suggests that things are reaching their natural end or coming to completion. This card, which typically appears for pregnant women who are already quite far along, confirms that their pregnancy is about to come to a safe and healthy end.


If you are still not pregnant, the World can represent the end of one chapter in your life and the beginning of a new one, which might involve becoming pregnant.

The Wheel of Fortune

This card is a representation of both the unpredictability of luck and the constantly changing waves of fate. It signifies unexpected changes in pregnancy. This could indicate an unplanned pregnancy or some difficulties you experienced during your pregnancy. Nevertheless, this card serves as a helpful reminder that, despite our expectations, everything works out as it should in the end.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is frequently connected to moments of pause, suspense, or expectation. It’s usually a bit of a bad card, but if you’re pregnant, it can mean that you have nine months to go before giving birth, which is fantastic news.

The Hanged Man may also represent letting go or emotional release. It could mean that you should reevaluate your expectations or wait a little while longer to become pregnant.

Queen of Cups

The Empress has a partner in this minor arcana card. Similar to the Empress, the Queen of Cups is a guardian angel and mother who cares for her family. It’s usually an indication of a healthy and happy pregnancy, although it may require effort or struggle on your part.

Those who have become mothers should find this card particularly useful. It serves as a reminder to women not to ignore or disregard the children they currently have, even when there might be another one on the way.


Tarot cards are a great source of information and guidance that can help an individual find a better way in life. Therefore, individuals should use them as a guiding tool and should not take them seriously when it comes to medical terms.

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