Why Does the IPL Mean a Lot to Most Indians?

The IPL is more than just a cricket league to the population of India. It is just like a religion. Indians of all ages and genders love it. And there are many good reasons for that, such as viewing, economics, and national pride. Let’s dig deeper into each of them


The IPL is the only sporting tournament that generates consistent television viewership in India. The only individual games that are expected to outperform an ordinary IPL game are India playing against Pakistan in an ICC event or the team playing a knockout game in an ICC tournament (there are contradicting claims that more people in India watch CSK against MI than India vs Pakistan, but we have some doubts). When it comes to digital viewing, the majority of Hotstar members join during the IPL. That is why, unlike other OTT sites, Hotstar exclusively offers year memberships, knowing that if they offered monthly subscriptions, most people would cancel at the end of the IPL.

This means that the majority of the country’s population wants to follow the IPL via both television and digital media. They are also ready to download casino app 1xbet to support their favorite teams with online bets. On the other side, although Star purchased the home bilateral series for a fraction of the price they paid for the IPL rights, news has spread that they are losing money on the bilateral broadcast contract, despite the fact that the new IPL broadcast deal is projected to be three times the previous one.


Following the IPL, cricket is now considered as a real job. It is no longer just 15 persons at any one moment who may play cricket for India and make a decent living; there are many more presently. As a consequence, we are witnessing an increase in the number of persons from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who are willing to take risks and become professional cricketers, in contrast to past generations, when elite cricketers were largely from urban upper-middle-class origins. Every year, we can hear the heartwarming tale of a player from a poor background who makes a lot of money in the IPL and lifts his family out of poverty.

A great sports league also generates significant revenue for the economy. The Premier League, for example, contributes almost $10 billion to the British economy directly, and maybe much more indirectly. That is money that a low-income nation like ours would gladly accept. The Premier League also generates 90,000 employees in the United Kingdom. If anything like that exists in India, it would be very beneficial to Indians who wish to work in sports or just get a job. 

There is also a significant amount of tourism money generated by overseas supporters who go to see their favorite team play. Foreign supporters have undoubtedly improved the economy of places like Liverpool, Barcelona, and Manchester, and India would welcome something similar.

National Pride

Every nation with a major sports league is very proud of it since it promotes a favorable image of the country. For India, the sole worldwide good is that we are an “emerging” country, with the possibility of being one of the world’s superpowers in the future. It’s all a possibility, and the levels of IPL online cricket betting once again show that this is a reality. Building a top-tier sports level will be a minor step toward demonstrating that we are one of the leaders in a very popular business today. Many smaller communities would be recognized due to its IPL team, much as a Milwaukee mayor once said that when traveling along the Great Wall of China, a few Chinese people recognized the city because of the Bucks.

What’s the Future?

The IPL has the potential to be the largest thing to come out of India, and it would be criminal for an Indian sports fan who would most likely spend the rest of his life in India to miss out on that. The reasons for that are solid. That’s why we do not expect this trend to change any time soon.

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