5 Features You Should Know about Bigo Live 

As the world gets to be more carefully associated, live gushing stages are making unused and energizing openings for social interaction. One such stage that has been picking up consideration is BIGO LIVE. Whether you are a prepared live streamer or a newcomer to the scene, understanding the highlights and potential of this platform can assist you make the foremost of your live spilling encounter. In this article, we are going dig into BIGO LIVE APP, its primary highlights, and how to utilize it successfully.

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In this article, we’re reaching to go past presenting you to BIGO LIVE. We’ll plunge profound into its highlights and give a direct on how you’ll utilize it to broadcast your streams and find others’.

Key Highlights of BIGO LIVE

BIGO energizes clients to share their day-to-day lives and cultivates an dynamic social community through video content. With a straightforward tap, clients can begin live streaming, showcasing their gifts, drawing in devotees, and accepting blessings from supporters. Before that, you can go to U7BUY to recharge Bigo Live so that you can enjoy a more exciting live broadcast.

The platform offers five unique streaming modes:

  • Live: Start a standard live streaming room.
  • Multi-Guest Live: Initiate live streaming with up to 12 guests in the room.
  • Virtual Live: Create a 3D virtual avatar to broadcast live.
  • Audio Live: Begin live audio streaming without showing your face.
  • Game Live: Start live streaming your gaming sessions on mobile or computer.
  1. Watch Live Streams: BIGO LIVE is home to millions of talented broadcasters worldwide. Anytime you open BIGO LIVE APP, you’ll find people broadcasting live – from passionate dancers and singers to comedians, gamers streaming popular games like PUBG, LOL, RoV, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival, and more.
  2. Video Chat & Audio Chat: BIGO LIVE allows users to invite friends for private one-on-one online video chats or even create group video chats with up to 12 people via Multi-Guest Room. The Match-up feature initiates random chats with nearby users or help meet new friends globally. The platform also offers a variety of video filters and stickers to make your chats more entertaining!
  3. Live PK: Also known as the Battles, Live PK is a real-time competition between streamers. This feature allows multiple live streamers and their audiences to engage in a live showdown. Competitors can challenge each other in various categories like music, dance, comedy and more. Each competition lasts only a few minutes, with the streamer who earns the most diamonds from viewer gifts declared the winner.
  4. Bar & Community: BIGO LIVE is committed to creating a vibrant global social community. Every day, hundreds of thousands of users share their lives, talents, images, and creative vlogs on the BIGO Bar. Users can also join various communities and groups based on their interests.


In conclusion, BIGO LIVE APP is a powerful application that permits users to share their lives and gifts with the world, construct a social community, and indeed lock in in fun and energizing live competitions. Whether you’re interested in broadcasting your claim live stream or observing others, BIGO LIVE offers a bunch of highlights to cater to your interface. As the live gushing showcase proceeds to develop, BIGO is certainly an app to observe.

Thank you for perusing and keep in mind to visit U7Buy for your gaming needs. See you there!

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