N1 Unfolding TV First Look: C SEED introduced the world’s first foldable TV, see full details

N1 Unfolding TV First Look: The world’s first foldable TV, from C SEED, boasts vivid 4K resolution and the smart capabilities of the N1 TV. It is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Let us tell you that the N1 Unfolding TV First Look was introduced at CES 2024, and that it caused quite a stir in the TV sector as soon as it hit the market. There are three different sizes available for this foldable TV’s display.

Greetings, today we will examine the N1 Unfolding TV First Look that is now trending on social media. Allow me to explain. The N1 Unfolding TV First Look’s characteristics are built on Micro LED technology, and it comes in three distinct sizes with 4K resolution. Read this page carefully if you want all the information there is to know about the C SEED N1 TV, including its price, specifications, and first look at a N1 unfolding television.

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The Significance of the N1 Unfolding TV First Look

The N1 TV is built on LED technology and has three screen sizes available: 103 inches, 137 inches, or 165 inches. This company claims to have very good picture and display quality. Allow me to mention that it features a folding television that rotates 180 degrees for flexible viewing. The C SEED N1 TV has an extremely distinctive design.

C SEED N1 TV-Display

People have been compelled to converse since CNET posted the N1 Unfolding TV First glance video on its Instagram account a week ago. It featured C SEED N1 TV’s first glance. It’s possible to create a movie theater atmosphere at home using C SEED’s screens, which come in sizes ranging from 103 to 165 inches. The corporate office of the corporation is situated in Vienna, Austria.

N1 Unfolding TV First Look-Price

As far as we are aware, the C SEED N1 TV is the most costly foldable TV ever made; it costs $220,000, or 16,500,000 Indian rupees. The expert engineers at C SEED created this first look at the N1 Unfolding TV.


Specification/Feature Description
Model Name C SEED N1 TV
Unveiled at CES 2024
Screen Technology Micro LED
Resolution 4K
Screen Sizes 165 inches, 137 inches, 103 inches
Rotation Capability 180 degrees
Indoor/Outdoor Specifically designed for indoor use
Adaptive Gap Calibration (AGC) Utilizes AGC technology to eliminate visible folds in the TV screen when folded into viewing size
Design Seamless frame, stylish aesthetics
Installation Easy installation, adaptable to different preferences
Viewing Experience Immersive and cinematic
Transformation Time Rises and unfolds within 60 seconds, reaching a height of 7.8 feet
Panel Unfolding Time Unfolds five panels silently in the next 25 seconds
Display Size Monumental 137-inch MicroLED display with enhanced brightness and vibrant colors
Automated Features Fully automated opening, integrated audio, sophisticated control system, Adaptive Gap Calibration
Screen Rotation 180-degree rotation capability for various viewing angles
Foldability Discreetly folds back into its base when not in use, resembling a sculptural piece or luxurious furniture
Available Colors C SEED Silver and C SEED Champagne
Installation Requirement “All in one” solution eliminates the need for complex installation, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience
Manufacturing Origin Engineered and crafted in Austria
Legacy and Expertise Represents a decade of expertise from C SEED, known for luxury TVs, including the award-winning C SEED 201 TV
Applications Designed for high-end outdoor, indoor, and marine applications
Company Headquarters Vienna, Austria


N1 Unfolding TV First Look-Review

It is said that the C SEED N1 TV is a TV disruptor that is unmatched by other TVs. The N1 TV, also known as Adaptive Gap Calibration (AGC), is an extremely sleek, seamless, and high-performing TV.

You can see the N1 TV from every angle because it has the ability to spin its screen a complete 180 degrees away from your face. It looks like an elegant piece of furniture that you can easily tuck into any nook or cranny of your home when it’s not in use.

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